Re: >64M RAM cache requirements?

David Luyer (
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 20:27:04 +0800 (WST)

On 19 Aug 1996, Shinanyaku wrote:

>> Alan Brown was heard saying ....
>> >
>> > A quick question for the gurus:
>> >
>> > Does cache still need to be adjusted above 256kb when RAM is increased
>> > above 64Mb?
>> I've been told yes, it does. I also have first hand (well, ok, second
>> hand) experience with someone who went from 32M to 64M w/ a 256K
>> cache. He said that on /some/ operations, it was slower, while
>> manipulating huge graphics files (>40M), it was faster.
>> He went ahead and installed another 256K cache and it made all the
>> difference. Now he has a nice improvement everywhere.

It works fine and fast with 128M on a PPro 200. I have heard that this
was a motherboard restriction with 486s and early Pentiums.