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Wed, 31 Jul 1996 16:11:59 -0700

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Princen <> writes:

Eric> In article <>, From
Eric> root <>, the following was written:
>> Politeness, normal conduct and professionalism dictates. Such
>> language is rude, crude, vulgar and asinine! IMHO -- remove!

Eric> If the original author wants to change what he wrote to be
Eric> more professional, let him do so. I agree that messages
Eric> that users see should not be offensive, but that is so
Eric> subjective. What is offensive to some is not to others.
Eric> Going along changing the author's words without his/her
Eric> approval is just wrong, IMHO. If they agree to do it, fine.
Eric> We could write a "Linux PC source code filter". It could
Eric> change shit to shucks for the easily bothered. They can run
Eric> it on the source and be confident that their computers are
Eric> "clean". This may seem very sarcastic, but I am serious.
Eric> Sounds like a job for you. Add your 2 cents to the project.

Eric> -Eric ;-)

Eric> -- Eric Princen [Dvorak] 07/31/96 12:58 OUI
Eric> 1.5 is released!

My point, while perhaps not clear, was that such language in a
professional enviornment is inappropriate. Too many posts I have
read condone or even praise such language. My reference to "remove"
was to the printk.

It was never my intention to insult anyone although it seems others
are only too willing to insult me while hiding behind email addresses
I cannot reach.

It is still my understanding that such language is still considered
vulgar. At least in the U.S.

I think enough has been said.

Thank you for your comments.

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