Re: further..

Alan Cox (
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 19:38:44 +0100 (BST)

> loop around dev_tint(), and even dev_tint isn't using that much, even
> tho it's a much more complex function. Very very odd. Anyone got any
> ideas on why it's using so much? Note that on the numbers above,
> dev_transmit() is using 1.6% of wall clock time!

Partly because it gets called too much and we are polling sending devices
at times in ways we could avoid. Thats something thats been discussed for 2.1
and will also improve network performance further by lowering our interframe
overhead even more (not that its going to matter on anything but the 3c595
or on slow old boxes)

> (ps. be aware that this machine has (currently) 214 network
> interfaces. which is why ip_chk_addr is so large)

Yes. ip_chk_addr isnt optimised for a box with hundreds of addresses. You
could certainly optimise it by generating a hash of some kind off the addresses
(rememebr you only ifconfig once per iface per boot, you receive millions
of packets)