Re: Not a bible thumper. . .

Eric Princen (
31 Jul 1996 18:59:51 GMT

In article <>, From root
<>, the following was written:
> Politeness, normal conduct and professionalism dictates. Such language
> is rude, crude, vulgar and asinine! IMHO -- remove!

If the original author wants to change what he wrote to be more
professional, let him do so. I agree that messages that users see
should not be offensive, but that is so subjective. What is offensive
to some is not to others. Going along changing the author's words
without his/her approval is just wrong, IMHO. If they agree to do it,
fine. We could write a "Linux PC source code filter". It could change
shit to shucks for the easily bothered. They can run it on the source
and be confident that their computers are "clean". This may seem very
sarcastic, but I am serious. Sounds like a job for you. Add your 2
cents to the project.

-Eric ;-)

Eric Princen [Dvorak]
07/31/96 12:58
OUI 1.5 is released!