Re: trying to upgrade

Geoffrey Hoff (
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 07:57:46 -0400

> I have a problem that is starting to mildly annoy me and I cant decide why
> it is happening. I am currently running 1.2.13 and desparately trying to
> upgrade to at least 2.0.0. I have one small problem though. I configure and
> compile the kernel error free and my system even boots up fine and my network
> seems to work great except for one thing. If I try to connect to my httpd I
> get a TCP error everytime saying the server is either refusing connections or
> is down. Yet if I reboot with the old kernel the httpd works like a charm.
> Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? Thanks.
> Charlene

My guess is that you are using an early 1.5 version of NCSA httpd which
preforks by hacking around with /proc. This does not work in 2.0. If this is
the problem then you need to either get a recent (1.5.2) version of NCSA httpd
or use apache, both of which support forking correctly in 2.0.

Geoff Hoff