Re: posix 4 extensions

Johnie Stafford (
Tue, 30 Jul 96 23:16 CDT

>>> On Tue, 30 Jul 1996 11:58:18 +0100, "Stephen C. Tweedie" <> said:

sct> On 27 Jul 96 01:52:07 EDT, Mike Robinson <>
sct> said:

>> I heard rumours some time ago that linux was going to include the
>> posix 4 real time extensions in the next production release. I've
>> had a quick look, and I've found some references in the 2.0.x code
>> to real time scheduling policies, but the functions specified in the
>> o'reilly posix 4 book don't seem to exist.

>> Has linux implemented any of the posix 4 stuff, and particularly the
>> real time scheduling stuff? If not, is any other real time support
>> provided?

sct> The posix.4 real time scheduling classes are supported in 2.0. Most
sct> of the other posix.4 stuff requires real time signals, and doing that
sct> would require too much change in the kernel to make so close to 2.0.
sct> Hopefully you'll see it in 2.1. There was a BOF session at the Berlin
sct> LinuxKongress where real time linux was discussed, btw.

What about the posix.4 shared memory objects? Any chance we might ever
see them? The ability to map shared memory segments to the same
logical address in several different processes would make the use of
pointers in shared memory possible.


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