Re: 2.0.9 versus 2.0.10 : fs/isofs/inode.c

Eberhard Moenkeberg (
30 Jul 1996 21:11:40 GMT

Dr. Werner Fink ( wrote:

: what's wrong with the patch for fs/isofs/inode.c done in 2.0.9?
: The patch was given by Bernhard Kaindl for CDs with multibe sessions.

We can trust the returned multisession redirection value only if
xa_flag is set, as we see now. I know why I had commented it in
cdrom.h this way.
If a drive does not recognize a multisession disk as an XA disk
(necessary, says the yellow book), it is up to the driver to do
decisions which allow to fake the xa_flag or not. It is safe to
say "no XA disk" (so, only the first session is visible). No driver
should fake "yes, XA disk" without research.

Cheers -e

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