Re: Linux for the HP Apollo

Drew Eckhardt (
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 17:02:19 -0600

In message <>, alan@lxorguk.ukuu. writes:
>> About to purchase an HP Apollo 730 Series I believe and was wondering
>> if a version of Linux exists, or is in developement, for the HP Risc
>> processor?

As far as I know, no.

If you want to avoid hockey pux, you might also look into the University
of Utah's HPBSD, which runs (ran?).

The last time I checked (1992), the source tree sufferred from both USL and
HP contamination (ie, you'd need both a UNIX source license and HP NDA),
and it was a heinous mix of 4.3 Reno and 4.4 (the big thing I remember
was the 4.4 VFS grafted onto a Reno kernel. Ick.) although things may
have changed by now.

>Im not sure of the state of the GNU tools for the HP Risc.

When I last looked at HPBSD, I was running Utah's port of the GNU tools
under HPUX; presumably those changes have been folded into the mainline
tools by now.

>One thing when
>this was thrown about earlier on linuxnet IRC was from an OSF guy - the
>OSF Mach microkernel (which the Linux PowerMAC project uses) supports

If that's the case, you _may_ (HP/PA is only part of the problem -
you also need device drivers, and HP was unwilling to share the
necessary information sans NDA as of 1992) be able to run a Linux
single server.

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