aic7xxx and Tape Backup Freak Out

Bryan Andregg (
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 11:10:05 -0500

Backing up to a Conner 4 gig tape drive connected to an Adaptech 2940
produces some amazing errors (I am using mt 0.4 for the tape util):
Kernel 2.0.10, st compiled as a module.
mt -f /dev/st0 status produces thousands of "aic7xxx: Target Busy".
This finally returns with a normal status message for the tae unit.
taring to the drive immediately produces:
scsi: aborting command due to timeout... for the other two scsi ID's and
aic7xxx: (abort_reset)
kernel: SCSI host 0 reset

and basically just scrolls until I login from another vt and kill the tar

I have read through what I can find but everything seems to say that this
is stable. Can anyone point me to an answer? Note that this is necessary
for an ISP not to turn NT (from my bosses point of view).

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