Re: This is really Ridiculous
Tue, 30 Jul 96 01:14:00 UTC 0000

Unquestionably, Linus is prodigious! Talented, hard-working, and a veritable
goldmine of ingenuity and inventiveness. But hey....he's just one man...and
he can only do so much. Just how many configurations he has access to, I've
no idea, but certainly not _all_ of them. And testing is _quite_ time-
consuming also. I was under the impression that unless the version was
labeled 'stable', one of the main purposes for its release was to have folks
that would include 'stupid little know-nothings' like me test it for those
'stupid little bugs'. That way when we go back thru the list and it hasn't
been mentioned mention it and one of the wonderful contibutors
to this fantastic OS takes his valuable time and expertise and corrects it.
I think that the term is 'development kernel'. One more little item, along
with being so superior in so many ways to what's out there, there's one more
little 'gotcha' : it's _free_. N'est pas? If I'm wrong, correct me , but flames? Just my two denarii; I'm not trying to provoke a fight.
Thanks, y'all.