Re: Alphas and division (was: faster make depend)

Olaf Titz (
30 Jul 1996 02:14:37 +0200

Matti E Aarnio <> wrote:
> I was NOT talking about FP operations, rather of INTEGER.

Computing 1/x on an integer unit yields 0 for every abs(x)>2 at least,
or am I missing something? You can do such tricks with precomputing
b/x for a known b (e.g. 2^16) and dividing that b off later, but that
is, strictly speaking, fixed point arithmetic.

> And of reasons, why the lack of integer division instruction
> at Alphas is not a bad thing in my opinion.

That's another issue. Yes, a hardware division engine breaks
pipelining and the operation is much more rare than multiplication, so
the trade-off is completely valid.


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