Re: politically correct

Kai Henningsen (
29 Jul 1996 21:12:00 +0200

Hell, and I wanted to leave this thread ... (Christopher Hassell) wrote on 23.07.96 in <>:

> America, a Country after my own heart, has grown to believe anything
> Shocking is somehow Real whereas anything that is polite, restrained,
> disciplined or thoughtful is "Fake" and "Suppressed". Going overseas shows
> quickly how appreciated this is in, say, polite portions of England or
> Germany.

Are you in for a surprise.

Really. It's the US who has made political correctness into a (very
dubious) artform.

Around here, there's a lot less of it, and even that much gets criticized.

Political correctness is NOT the same as "polite, restrained, disciplined
or thoughtful".

No, we don't cuss all the time. But we also don't think a curse is a major
social disaster.

And one more thing that people don't seem to understand.

These three are very much different:

"Fuck you."

"Oh fuck, it's broken *again*."

"I'm the one who fucked this up."

Only one of these is an insult. One expresses frustration. And one tries
to shield someone else from a third party's (potential) anger.

Putting all of these into the same category, because of vocabulary, is
just plain silly.

MfG Kai