Re: This is really Ridiculous

Terry Dawson (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 17:45:00 +1000

Brian Grunkemeyer wrote:

> Linux kernel typos generally cost me about
> 20 minutes to find a fix then the time it takes to do a partial
> kernel compile. I admit, its a lot less, but its still a cost.
> This cost is incurred by anyone compiling that kernel under a bad
> configuration, assuming they try to fix it. Otherwise they just
> lose the time they spent patching and partially compiling the kernel.

If you don't want to see small problems in your kernel then don't
upgrade until the rate of new kernel appearance has slowed to a crawl.
You seem to want to be on the bleeding edge and to not have problems as
well. If it is frustrating then find a kernel that works for you, take
a breather, enjoy using it for a time and come back to a newer one later.

enjoying it.