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On 28 Jul 1996, Daniel Quinlan wrote:

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> Subject: Re: Faster depend written in Perl
> Todd Graham Lewis <> writes:
> > "In order to run Linux, you need a Pentium with 16 MB of RAM."
> >
> > Do we really want to start sounding like that other operating system?
> > (Hint: no.)
> Nobody said that Linux should require a Pentium. I suggested that a
> upgrading with a cheap 486 motherboard is a really good idea. I
> understand that upgrading may be beyond the means of some people, but
> hour-long kernel compilations are a real drag.

Heh. You think hour-long kernel's are a real drag? My i386 has been
known to take 20+ hours to compile. Hour long compiles are a blessing.
You should be thankful.

> Another person incorrectly implied that only 386s take 30-pin SIMMs.
> A 486 motherboard with *both* 30 and 72-pin SIMM sockets *and* an AMD
> 486DX2-80 CPU can be bought for $120 (US). That's a 5-fold CPU speed
> increase for about 6% of what a 386 system cost 5 years ago.
> That's bottom-of-the-line for new hardware. It's becoming difficult
> to even find new 486DX2-66 CPUs.

Sure it is. Whatever. Maybe is just because I live neer RTP (you've
heard of Java's original name of "oak", right? well, The tree it was named
after is less than 20 miles from my house), but 486DX2's aren't hard to
come by at all.

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