Re: Faster depend written in Perl

Daniel Quinlan (
28 Jul 1996 22:42:46 -0400

Todd Graham Lewis <> writes:

> "In order to run Linux, you need a Pentium with 16 MB of RAM."
> Do we really want to start sounding like that other operating system?
> (Hint: no.)

Nobody said that Linux should require a Pentium. I suggested that a
upgrading with a cheap 486 motherboard is a really good idea. I
understand that upgrading may be beyond the means of some people, but
hour-long kernel compilations are a real drag.

Another person incorrectly implied that only 386s take 30-pin SIMMs.
A 486 motherboard with *both* 30 and 72-pin SIMM sockets *and* an AMD
486DX2-80 CPU can be bought for $120 (US). That's a 5-fold CPU speed
increase for about 6% of what a 386 system cost 5 years ago.

That's bottom-of-the-line for new hardware. It's becoming difficult
to even find new 486DX2-66 CPUs.


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