Re: Nasty comments

Kai Henningsen (
27 Jul 1996 22:49:00 +0200 (Mr. Jolt Cola) wrote on 27.07.96 in <>:

> > > > Now *that* I would associate with a lack of pride in what you have
> > > > done - you obviously think it's not good enough.
> > >
> > > Bull. It is what I would associate wht a bit of pride and respect for
> > > others in what he has done.
> >
> > Well, _he_ was talking about "pride in what you have done". And as far as
> > that, I still think he got his polarities switched.
> We have a different definition of pride.

Seems so. For some weird reason, however, I seem to be unable to parse
what your definition is.

> > > Practice what you guys preach, don't hack
> > > the guy for being "decent" if you don't want to be hacked for being
> > > "profane".
> >
> > Maybe you should reread what I was answering. If you want to attack
> > someone, you're attacking the wrong guy.
> Nope. He made a case for cleaning up his comments before release
> without attacking anyone, and then you tried to imply he was
> prejudiced. ???

Well, that's definitely not how I read it. I found it fairly offensive.
Maybe _you_ consider stuff like his leading paragraph "not attacking
anyone"; I beg to differ.

> > > > That simply demonstrates your prejudices.
> > >
> > > No, it demonstrates that he is probably a professor and doesn't want
> > > to be called in by the dean when someone complains.
> >
> > Well, maybe that's the style the US universities work - I wouldn't know.
> > However, I have a hard time believing that this might be a problem around
> > here. Not since about 1968, that is.
> >
> > Which is as should be.
> You say -yourself- that you have no business commenting on the
> above. You are right, "you wouldn't know." And so you should stop
> criticizing those in different cultures, especially when they were
> only advocating their side, not attacking anyone.

Well, if it _is_ different over there, then that is certainly nothing to
be proud of; however, that does not change the fact that judging value and
usefulness of code by the presence or absence of profanity definitely
demonstrates prejudice.

> > > Or they illustrate that some coders are prima-donnas who are wrapped
> > > up in writing code for the whole world to see. Myself, if I've
> >
> > This is so utter nonsense that I won't even try to answer it. You seem to
> > have a very weird outlook.
> No, you have a thick skull and want to criticize those with different
> views across cultural boundaries, rather than listen to what they have
> to say. And then claim they have a weird outlook because it doesn't
> match yours.

Now would you please tell me _who_ just called people that didn't share
his world-view "prima-donnas"? And that's not the only thing wrong with
that paragraph.

MfG Kai