EVEN MORE 2.0 vs 1.2 and INN config.

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>>I have just checked, and the file on the server is OK
>> Most probably, you web browser automatically
>>uncompressed the file (it is compressed with GNU gzip.

I was able to get the file and ungzip it finally from your site at
at your <URL:http://Web.FdN.FR/~tquinot/inn.html>
However i had to use Linux to fetch it. Hmmmm.... for some
reason Win95, Netscape 2.02 and win95 ppp dial-up results in
a corrupted file. I frequently use this to "fetch" other files with no
problems?? ISP iss on T1 through ATT <should be good>
why it i corrupted is unknown to me. will investigate further...

Now for the subject line:
Thanks for posting your config.data.... now the questions ;-)

But first a suggestion, i noticed your path to overview iss the same as
distributed. From FAQ4 and the NOV faq they advise placing the overview
files in a directory separate from the news directory with a standard
location becoming /path-to-news-spool/over.view

Questions on your config.data settings vs Debian and FAQ suggestions
Debian and the FAQ suggests DO .... maybe should be DO <?>

2. what is the type of an object size ..usually size_t or unsigned int
you have SIZE_T size_t
The Faq also has size_t while Debian uses int .... size_t may be right <?>

3. for file locking , LOCK_STYLE select NONE, FLOCK, FCNTL or LOCKF
you have FCNTL, Debian also has FCNTL
while the FAQ suggests using FLOCK .... wonder which is best if it
matters <?>

4. for use waitpid instead of wait3 <?>
both the FAQ and Debian sets this to DO..... is DO the correct choice

5. for how to fork pick FOR or VFORK
you have FORK vfork ..... and also set HAVE_VFORK DO
both the FAQ and Debian set FORK for and HAVE_VFORK DONT
what is the difference and is fork the correct choice for 2.0 <?>
i recall that 1.2.xx INN used vfork as you do. has this maybe changed for

6. for "does AF_UNIX use sizeof for the socket size"
you have BIND_USE_SIZEOF DO as does Debian too!
while the FAQ say to et this to DONT... maybe for 2.0 hould be DO <?>

7. everybody agrees that close on exec needs FCNTL and not IOCTL
but for "how should non-blocking I/O be done"
you have NBIO_STYLE FCNTL as does also DEBIAN
while the FAQ says to use IOCTL...maybe FCNTL is correct "NOW" <?>

8. for "how to get number of available descripters"
you have FDCOUNT_STYLE GETRLIMIT as does Debian!
The FAQ says to use SYSCONF as does and INN setup for 1.2.13
i have no idea but think maybe 2.0 allows GETRLIMIT now <?>

9. for "what predicate <ctype.h> macros need
you have CTYPE isXXXXX((c)) which is also suggested by the FAQ
DEBIAN uses (isascii((c)) && ixXXXXX((c))) .... i don't have any
idea <?>

10. that actually does it now...all are using MMAP and UNIX DOMAIN SOCKETS

E-mail from: Patrick Main, 27-Jul-1996