Re: This is really Ridiculous (fwd)

Jim Nance (
Sat, 27 Jul 1996 07:38:45 -0400 (EDT)

Forwarded message:
> From: Michael Elizabeth Chastain <>

> I think that some of the changes introduced since 2.0 were too big for a
> 2.0 release.
> I also think that the version numbering scheme is inadequate. When
> there are bug fixes applied to 2.0.N, the new version doesn't deserve to
> be 2.0.N+1 right away. It should be 2.0.N+1.beta for a few days first.

How about this. We create a directory for the 2.1 kernel series. The first
thing we do in that directory is work out the bugs in current 2.0 kernels.
When we have one that is stable, we move it back as 2.0.11.