More SB16 fun!

Joshua E. Hill (
Sat, 27 Jul 1996 02:18:00 -0700 (PDT)

More interesting stuff to report for linux kernel 2.0.9--
I previously reported the SB16 4.5/MIDI/Sound Module bug [for those
of you not keeping up with this, my computer froze when I loaded
my sound module, unloaded it, and then loaded it again. I found
that by not compiling in MIDI support, the module worked fine.] I
ended up solving it by keeping MIDI compiled in (I use the MIDI
device), and just loading the module on boot. This solution worked
great until 2.0.9. Now my box locks (hard) when the sound module is
loaded on boot, unless I have reset or power cycled my computer since
the last time I used the module. The last freeze seems to have corrupted
my file systems pretty badly, so I decided to give in, and not compile
in MIDI. Now it works fine again. (and I can even go back to using
kerneld to deal with sound!). I'll gladly run diagnostic snipits of
code or possible solutions...


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