Re: This is really Ridiculous

Michael Elizabeth Chastain (
Sat, 27 Jul 1996 02:26:53 -0500

I stayed out of the last advocacy thread about cuss words, but I can't
resist this one.

I think that some of the changes introduced since 2.0 were too big for a
2.0 release.

I also think that the version numbering scheme is inadequate. When
there are bug fixes applied to 2.0.N, the new version doesn't deserve to
be 2.0.N+1 right away. It should be 2.0.N+1.beta for a few days first.

Perhaps we would see a whole series of releases, beta-after-beta,
because new bug fixes will come in while old bug fixes are still being
tested. If that's what we see, it really is an indication that the
kernel should stay in beta a while longer!

Finally, I think that people should work on finding and fixing bugs in
2.0 for a while longer before starting on new features for 2.1.

Michael Chastain