2.0.8 problem, NFS?

jamie (jamie@bozo.local.net)
27 Jul 1996 06:15:54 GMT

I'm having what appears to my untrained eye to be an NFS disk I/O
problem with 2.0.8, and have not seen any obvious error messages in any
of the /var/log files. The only substantial use of NFS on our linux
boxes is /usr/games (and convenience copying of files to each other), so
I don't know what else could be affected.

My /usr/games dir is an nfs mount of my partner's /usr/games dir.
I have NFS compiled in the kernel, not a module.

Restoring NetHack savegames (from /usr/games/lib/nethackdir/save
to /usr/games/lib/nethackdir) repeatedly fails under kernel 2.0.8
("Error restoring savegame")

Fallback to kernel 2.0.7 eliminates the problem.

  jamie  (email via mike@bga.com)

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