Re: 2.0.8 masquerading for ftp broken?

Christoph Lameter (
26 Jul 1996 20:46:17 -0700

Michael Stiller ( wrote:
: I tried using ncftp across a host also running 2.0.8 masquerading the net.
: Everything goes fine until I do a
: dir
: or get a file.
: I thought that problem was fixed? Anyone else experiencing this?
: -
: Today i tried masquerading with 2.0.8 and a Win95 Client.
: It worked fine. I guess you forgot to insert the
: ip_masq_ftp module, which is needed if the ftp data connection is
: about to be opened.
: Hint: try make modules && make modules_install after compiling your kernel,
: then do a depmod -a and a modprobe ip_masq_ftp.

Thank you. But is kind of strange that you need to load a separate module.
I usually run kernels compiled for the machine they are on with all options
activated that they will need.