Re: Faster depend written in Perl

Craig Agricola (
Fri, 26 Jul 1996 15:00:48 -0400 (EDT)

> I modifed the Makefile and Rules.make to use this script by adding a
> new variable, DEPEND that has the command to do depends. The depend
> rules are changed to use this variable, which can be set to either the
> awk or perl scripts. I tested the script with one 'make depend' with
> my current configuration.

While we're at it, can we clean up the rule for .hdepend? Currently my
shell barfs when I evaluate the backticks (too many args). Though this
is probably something that will only happen to people who are cross
compiling kernels on another platform (in my case, an RS/6000 AIX3.2.5
box), it would be nice if we could fix this. I think the simple fix is
to use xargs. Anyone have a better idea? Below is a suggested patch.
I'll assume Ian's patch, but is it small enough that you will get the
idea regardless...

Craig B. Agricola  

--- Makefile.orig Fri Jul 26 14:53:12 1996 +++ Makefile Fri Jul 26 14:53:46 1996 @@ -388,5 +388,5 @@ .hdepend: dummy rm -f $@ - $(DEPEND) `find $(HPATH) -name \*.h ! -name modversions.h -print` > .$@ + find $(HPATH) -name \*.h ! -name modversions.h -print | xargs $(DEPEND) > .$@ mv .$@ $@