Re: Linux/AXP keyboard not responding (PATCH)

Miquel van Smoorenburg (
25 Jul 1996 21:47:03 +0200

In article <>,
Systemkennung Linux <> wrote:
>Hi all,
>> I patched drivers/char/keyboard.c not to just give up after an error; I
>> don't think this breaks anything, it just gives some more errors than
>> usual when there really isn't a keyboard connected. At least now I can
>> use the console keyboard again.
>Your patch looks broken to me. The initialization routine should return
>with the interrupt flags in the same state as they were on entry.

Huh? I just ifdeffed _out_ some return()s, so it shouldn't hurt. If
I had _added_ some return's in the middle of the function that might
be a problem.

>I had the same problem also with some of the MIPS machines I ported Linux
>too. As it looks the keyboard doesn't like when itwhen the processor
>talks to it too soon after the reset. A delay of about 20 microseconds
>seems to be enough to fix the problem. The MIPS boxes so far could
>also live without the keyboard reset. Maybe someone can state why this
>keyboard reset was added?

Yeah I hope someone more knowledgeable looks into this. It should be
fixed, but perhaps not the way I did it :)


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