linux-2.0 and eexpress net card

Darrin R. Smith (
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 19:47:15 -0400

I have an Intel Ether Express 16 card in a compaq/eisa 486/66
at work and I have had nothing but troubles with the ethernet card.
Basically, any time I attempt to move a large amount of data through
the network via ftp or nfs(to/from sunos 4.1.3 or solaris 2.5), the
transfer will appear to hang and I get a message indicating, "CU wedged
- status xx4x xxxx - resetting..."(note that the 4 is the only character
in the status that is always the same - the other x's represent
changing numbers). Sooner or later, the machine locks solid and I
have to power cycle it.

This is on linux-2.0, and it appears irregardless of what
options are chosen in the configure script(well, lets just say I've
recompiled this kernel more than 12 times with different options :( ).
I looked in the eexpress.c file and it indicates there that this is
a problem with the driver, but it also says this should be a rare
occurrance -- not every single time. telnet/rlogin sessions work fine
most of the time(Hmm -- maybe we should put a short duration sleep
in the send code and see what it does since tcpdump doesn't give me
any problems recieving packets? -- ideas? suggestions? )

Does anyone have more information on this one? Does anyone
want more information on this one? - email me.


ps - this machine is not on the public net, so getting information may
take me a day or so since I have to get it via floppy-net.

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