Re: Nasty comments

Warner Losh (
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 10:51:25 -0400 (EDT)

> Now *that* I would associate with a lack of pride in what you have done -
> you obviously think it's not good enough.

Bull. It is what I would associate wht a bit of pride and respect for
others in what he has done. Practice what you guys preach, don't hack
the guy for being "decent" if you don't want to be hacked for being

> > As the Linux product becomes more professional it becomes more
> > and more tempting to use sections of it as examples for class discussion
> > and I would rather have the discussion on what the code does than
> > what the comments contain. All in all, if I see code with profanity
> > in it, it colors my view of its value and certainly makes me question
> > its use, especially for discussion.
> That simply demonstrates your prejudices.

No, it demonstrates that he is probably a professor and doesn't want
to be called in by the dean when someone complains.

> Those comments illustrate a very important real-world fact: that producing
> good, reliable code can sometimes be extremely frustrating work. (Or, in
> the case of "X wrote it, Y fucked it up", it is a reminder that this is
> the work of many, many people, and that merging all this stuff is a very
> non-trivial exercise.)

Or they illustrate that some coders are prima-donnas who are wrapped
up in writing code for the whole world to see. Myself, if I've
stayed up to 4am looking for bug, I usually don't bother to comment
it at all, I just dive in the bed and catch some ZZZs and let the
end-user think it was never a bug at all.