Re: The kernel won't compile NO MATTER WHAT I do!!!!!

Bryn Paul Arnold Jones (
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 01:17:03 +0100 (BST)

On 22 Jul 1996, Merciful Death wrote:

> Merciful Death
> I've been trying to compile the latest kernel(2.0.7)

It's now 2.0.8 ;)

> I'll go to /usr/src and rename linux to linux-old and
> then untar the new kernel by typing "tar -xvzf linux-x.x.x.tar.gz" and it'll
> do that just fine.

Ok, well that's fine, but I suggest you learn to use patch, insted of
getting linux-x.x.x.tar.gz, get patch-x.x.x.gz (you need to have one of
the linux-x.x.x.tar.gz files first, then consetutive patches).

Each patch contains the changes from x.x.x-1 (if that last x is 5, x-1 is
4, not 5-1 ;), not , to x.x.x, so you have to have a copy of the x.x.x-1
tree (either patched to, or a linux-....)

Now do this:

cd /usr/src
mkdir linux-x.x.x
ln -s linux-x.x.x linux
tar xvzf linux-x.x.x.tar.gz
cd linux
make config
make dep; make clean; make zImage
go install the zImage (make zlilo will do this step as well ...)

Ok, this is want that does, you make a directory (linux-x.x.x), then you
make a symbolic link to it (linux) now linux is like an alias to

You can do anything to a symlink, and it happens to the target, except
deleting it ;). This way you can have the files in linux-x.x.x/, and have
them appear to be in linux/.

To patch to the next version, you do this:

cd /usr/src
cp -rd linux-x.x.x-1 linux-x.x.x
rm linux
ln -s linux-x.x.x linux
zcat ~/patch-x.x.x.gz |patch -E -p0
cd linux
make config

> Then I'll go to the new linux directory(/usr/src/linux) and
> type "make mrproper",which cleans out the old kernel's files(I think,I saw

Yes, you only need that if you patched up, by definition the
linux-x.x.x.tar.gz file is without rubbish ;)

> it on some kernel-howto),then I'll type "make config" and then answer all
> the questions and then type "make dep ; make clean ; make zlilo"and it'll
> compile for about twenty minutes or so(I've got a Gateway2000 Pentium-100
> with 8 megs of ram and a PCI Bus) and then it'll say
> "final link failed: No space left on device"
> what is going on here?

Well it looks like your disk is full, type df (drive free), and see if
the partition with /usr/src is at 100% capacity (ie full). If it is,
delete something :(

> I would be very,very thankful if someone could please
> help me.I'm sort of a newbie to linux even though I've had Slackware 3.0
> since about Feb. 96'.Please E-mail me at
> Sincerely,
> Andrew T.
Ok, good luck. Oh, you need some spaces ;)

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