Re: Nasty comments

Hubert A. Bahr (
Tue, 23 Jul 1996 19:30:29 +0000

I gave up using curse words to impress somebody 30 years ago. Okay
I'm old. As a Vietnam Vet I certainly had the opurtunity to invent
and use my share.

My problem with curse words in published code, which is what
putting your code on an ftp site essentially does, publish it. Is
that it reflects a lack of pride in the product. I didn't know that
code for linux was being put out against a deadline and against the
authors wishes. It should be a freely given product that reflects
pride in its development.

I've certainly known the frustration of long debugging sessions
and been warned by my wife more than once about the salt air around
my computer, but I find time to tidy up before I publish.

As the Linux product becomes more professional it becomes more
and more tempting to use sections of it as examples for class discussion
and I would rather have the discussion on what the code does than
what the comments contain. All in all, if I see code with profanity
in it, it colors my view of its value and certainly makes me question
its use, especially for discussion.

My view on comments is if the author doesn't have pride in
his code and leaves explatives in it so be it. I won't have pride
in it either. For runtime messages, I concur, there is no proper
place for them in published code.

Hubert Bahr