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Hakan Tandogan (
22 Jul 1996 08:11:56 +0200

edwalter@ewok.not.for.mail (Ervin D. Walter) writes:

>Can anyone tell me where to get a driver for a joystick or what I need
>to do to enable joystick use in the kernel? I have a standard
>joystick on the game port of my sound card (Soundman Wave). I didn't
>see any options in the regular or sound configurations to enable a
>joystick, and I don't think it's being done automatically...

The Joystick driver in
works extremely well for me. Especially in combination with the
joystick reboot daemon. My keyboard dies sometimes, and it's nice to
be able to reboot the box without using the big, ugly, red button ;-)

Linus: Any chance that this beast will make its way into the
2.0 kernel?


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