Re: funet probs?

Andrew Walker (
Tue, 23 Jul 1996 09:00:31 +0200 (MET DST)

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> Robin Becker wrote:
> >
> > has anything changed with funet recently? I used to be able to use
> > netscape ftp, but now all I see are the paths to the higher level
> > directories. Normal ftp still seems to work.
> > --
> > Robin Becker
> I also noticed this. But it's funny: There's a kernel-Patch
> for 2.0.8 on Sunsite in the Incoming Dir and in funet
> there is a LATEST_IS_2.0.7 (Even with "normal"ftp)
> What is happening here ? ;-)
> Stefan.

FUNET had problems - I guees they were upgrading/changing the ftp daemon
software. As part of the problem it managed to forget Linus' user/password
so he couldn't upload 2.0.8. Its as simple as that.

I tried logging on to FUNET yesterday, and all the usual greetings were gone.
They're back now, so hopefully everything else is fixed again.


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