Re: Subject: Re: 2.0 vs 1.2 and INN config.

root (
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 23:01:30 -0700

> Linuxers and Alan,
> There has recently been some <?> discussion on the net and admin
> lists regarding a cry for help with INN and Linux 2.0 with RedHat3.0.3

While on the subject of INN. I have INN installed on my 5x86, slackware
kernel 1.2.13 off the CD (2.5?). I THINK I have the files correctly
configured. After a clean reboot I found the following in /var/syslog:

Jul 22 00:00:17 qtpi inndstart: inndstart cant bind Address already in use

Ring a bell with anyone? Any help will be appreciated!

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