Using a terminal device as console.

Matthew X Economou (
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 20:24:09 -0500

>>>>> "MXE" == Matthew X Economou <econommx@Rose-Hulman.Edu> writes:

MXE> I'd like to use a terminal connected to a serial port as my
MXE> console device...

I've just checked the BootPrompt-HOWTO and have been poking about in
the kernel source (./drivers/char/console.c, ./include/asm-{i386,alpha}/,
./include/linux/, ./init/main.c, ./arch/alpha/*, and ./arch/i386/*).
./drivers/char/console.c seems to have the ability to echo to a serial
port, but nowhere have I been able to find where the kernel sets the
console device. Nor have I been able to discern how booting the
kernel works (e.g. flow of control), and so find where the video is
initialized, etc. The Kernel Hacker's Guide mentions nothing about
kernel startup (where stuff gets called, initialized, etc.), so any
enlightenment would be appreciated.

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