politically correct

Christopher Hassell (jeezfrk@spieg.interealm.com)
Tue, 23 Jul 1996 10:28:28 -0600 (MDT)

One *MAIN* correction:

Political correctness, not birthed in Boulder CO, USA, but heavily
supported, has *NOTHING* to do with pedantic attitudes about
culture. You'll find your "encultured" anti-white-male folks and
you'll find your "punkish" anti-white-male folks. Most simply agree
that race-names or anything that minorly besmirches wymynhood are
intolerable, and punishable. Their theory gets draconian, yes.

The Punk branch loves to cuss when they are angry, and my friends consider
this important at times. Profanity has nothing to do with most political
correctness. Some don't mind hard pornography, for example, (though others
say it "denigrates wymyn") ... so the Puritannia is not widespread, except
for the Religion of the Great Pure Victimology (P.C. is a rather
heavy-duty religion).

I've got major problems with political correctness, but I know that ANYTHING
that EVER limits ANYTHING I think of doing is not the P.C. Big Brother.
Sometimes I have to even act like an adult without wanting to just then.

<Graphic examples follow in order to make a point. Warning graciously given. :>

--- The following has parody in it. ---

Lo and indeed Brett Hoffman sayeth in the text...

# On Sun, 21 Jul 1996, Eric S. Mountain wrote:

# > Hear, hear. Political correctness is for people who cannot face up to
# > reality, who cannot describe things as they are.

They fucking shit in your face with a big dick sitting up someone else's ass!

(Or is that not anything like the "way things are?" Hmmmm??)

# > These are mentally
# > weak people and the terms they use make me sick. They need to learn
# > to live and respect others.

Mentally weak people need to fucking show their suckholes how they fucking live
with their head up their ass, cuz they suck their faces just like their puny

(Did this sentence take mental effort? Did it respect others? Hmmmm?)

Did either lovely sentence say anything, as one of the programmers noticed?

# Damn your right.

Damn! You can't spell or punctuate!

# nuff said.. :)

Ahh... aren't we refreshed, taught, englightened?? Nuff said indeed.

There just isn't anything Great and Amazing about protest-language and
fighting words that are aimed at professionals within our works of art, our

America, a Country after my own heart, has grown to believe anything Shocking
is somehow Real whereas anything that is polite, restrained, disciplined or
thoughtful is "Fake" and "Suppressed". Going overseas shows quickly how
appreciated this is in, say, polite portions of England or Germany.

Deal with it.. if you're numb, dumb and uncreative it doesn't mean you can
think (unintuitive, I know). In some places.... folks who can be shocked are
considered *more* sensitive, *AND* in fact more thoughtful and discerning.

The folks (those fucking cussers!) who just curse and curse other cultures
who they don't approve of (asswipes!) need to stop worshipping four or five
words and deal with the rest of the world, the real ENGINEERING and BUSINESS

Can you speak the language of anyone but those in your own narrow world?
Must you expect everyone else to? Or don't you folks deal with *real*
business and money-making? Working in restaurants or in State U. won't
get you far. Broaden your mind.

I've been hacking for a good while and giving someone verbal or bantering shit
is just for hobbies or in discussion groups. It's something you keep
out of your reviewed code, to be nice or not. Suppress yourself a tad.

It takes some brains to be repulsed instead of attracted to the cheapest shit
anyone thinks to say.

-- sincerely