Re: SB16 Sound driver problem

Harald Koenig (
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 10:51:39 +0200 (MET DST)

> > My opinion is that the crash is not caused by software at all.
> Perfectly right, it was my f#*!?ing CPU fan which was out of order!
> Conclusion: when you have some weird hang without any oops or anything
> in syslog, when your box just freeze silently, check the temperature of
> your CPU ;-)

I only can second that (big sigh). I spent the whole last night with
a friend trying to upgrade his P100 box to ELF/Linux-2.0 but we not even
managed to get a backup done (writing/reading SCSI tape even showed
kernel oops and panics), and lots of user mode problems (like sometimes
"illegal instruction" traps for programs like date(1))...

finally we opend his PC (bought in oct'95, never opened before yet)
and the fan on his P100 wasn't connected at all to the opwer supply
(and the CPU cooler was *quite* warm :-(((

the bad thing is: problems stayed when we turned on the fan and
cooled down the CPU.

is there any good CPU test to make sure it's really the CPU that's
broken (there are no SEGVs at all when compiling kernel so I'd guess
cache/dram timing etc. is ok but there are quite some SIGILL's and
Ooops etc.) ?


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