Re: AMD K5 with Linux

Danny ter Haar (
21 Jul 1996 08:09:06 +0200

Bryn Paul Arnold Jones <> wrote:
>On 18 Jul 1996, I wrote:
>> Several weird errors occured after about 15 minutes of operation:
>Hmm, 10-15 mins .... has it got fan, is it getting too hot ? (wind
>blowing the wrong way ;)

That is working OK.
STill was able to touch the heatsink without blisters.
>From the specs the AMD produces less heat than a Intel Pentium.

>Hmm, could be the copro is sensitive to the heat. Does hlt effect the
>copro, or just the cpu, ie the cpu is keeping cool enough because it's
>lightly loaded, and being hlt'ed (a low power consumption mode), but the
>copro is running just as hot as ever. Well it's just an idea ....
I replaced the ISA videalcard (realtek) with a PCI-S3 and
had none of the described problems again. everything works, X-windows
etc. Still the same ISA networkcard (full-length WD8013) but for some
reason the ISA videocard was messing up things...

It wasn't software after all...