Re: DES code in the kernel

Matt (
18 Jul 1996 23:46:18 -0400

Herbert Rosmanith ( wrote:
: You know that IBM originally came up with an 128bit key DES, but was
: requested by the NSA to reduce it to 56 ? And that the NSA tried to
: suppress diploma thesis and ph.d. thesis on the area ? Trust DES
: only as much as you trust the NSA ...

Unfortunatly another problem is what other FREE for comercial use cyphers
are there? IDEA is not free... :)

This DES has an NSA backdoor has been hashed in and out on sci.crypt
forever... What appeared to be a common theme was that, yes, the NSA
told IBM to weaken the algo, but the algo has also been around for a long
time for people to attack. The most common thing you are told to do is
to run Triple-DES, as it is more secure than Single 56bit DES.

Follow ups should go to sci.crypt... :)

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