Re: Happiness is fast compilation over NFS

Steven N. Hirsch (
Fri, 19 Jul 1996 15:21:18 -0400

Peter Desnoyers wrote:
> After a great deal of disappointment because the nice fast Linux
> systems we bought at work (mostly at my urging) compile slower than
> diskless sun3s*, I finally sat down and started playing around with the
> GNU assembler.
> Lo and behold, if you define FILE_OFFSET_IS_CHAR_INDEX at the top of
> libbfd.c (or in bfd/Makefile) and recompile, writes get coalesced
> properly and compilation over NFS works the way it should.
> I just thought there would be other people out on the list who would
> appreciate this information...

I think what we would appreciate more is a patched binary of gcc (and whatever
other ancilary files are required) made available for ftp :-)). Any chance?

- Steve

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