Strange SCSI behavior in 2.0.7

Dale Scheetz (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 12:12:59 -0400 (EDT)

I have a P-75 with 3 IDE hard drives, and Adaptec 1542 scsi controler
connected to a Philips CDD 522 CDR. I built the 2.0.7 kernel with no
problems, booted up, and have been running for several days with no real
problems. However, I began to notice stalls in various places and under
different conditions. I finaly noticed that whenever a stall would happen,
the activity light on the CD would blink, blink, blink. If I were trying
to access something off the CD I wouldn't be surprised, but I'm not. The
CD is mounted on /cdrom. I have had the stall/blink,blink happen in the
following situations:

less /etc/modules
blink, blink, blink

While in Midnight Commander
at the prompt:
press any key to continue...
blink, blink, blink
mc window refresh..

blink, blink, blink
<prompt returns>
<chat dials out>
------------------------------------ end examples ---------------

Now, none of this is anything more than mildly aggrivating, but it bothers
me that this activity is occuring. None of the trigger events have
anything remotely to do with the SCSI subsystem or the CD. What is causing
these unwarranted accesses to the CD?

Any ideas?


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