strange 1.2.13->2.0.n cdrom driver problem

David van Leeuwen (
18 Jul 1996 10:58:05 GMT


My cdrom driver is experiencing bus read problems during heavy
ide-disk i/o. (Typical debia `dpkg --install', so i guess some tar

Strange thing is that the 1.2.13 version of the driver (under 1.2.13)
does not show these problems. pre2.0.7 and later do show the same
problems (up to 2.0.7, at least). I tried the _same_ driver code that
worked under 1.2.13 on the 2.0.7 kernel, gives the same problems.
I spent the whole day debugging. It appears that some bus reads are
missed, maybe an interrupt is not coming through, due to the

Does anybody know what major interrupt-code changes appeared between,
say, 1.2.13 and 2.0.7?

---david (