Re: Admin util wish list

Andrew C. Esh (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 09:11:07 -0500

>>>>> "Todd" == Todd Graham Lewis <> writes:


Todd> BSD fstat gives the following:

Todd> USER CMD PID FD MOUNT INUM MODE SZ|DV R/W tlewis zsh 27363
Todd> wd /usr 20307 drwxr-xr-x 512 r tlewis zsh 27363 0 / 4274
Todd> crw--w---- ttyp0 rw tlewis zsh 27363 1 / 4274 crw--w----
Todd> ttyp0 rw

Todd> I can't get fuser to give me anything close to this level of
Todd> detail, much less list all files presently being accessed by
Todd> any processon the system.

This is all very interesting. Here's one I'd like to have: A netstat
that lists the PID for the process that has a connection open. Many
times I can look at netstat output, and see open connections, but I
have no way of knowing which process (or more specifically, which
user) has that connection open.

Or is it just me being stupid, and there *is* a way of doing this?

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