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On Wed, 17 Jul 1996 wrote:

> The problem is, how would I create a linux root partition without having
> access to linux (except for only a boot disk & loadlin)? That is the

A _Boot_ or _root_ disk? If all you have is a _Boot_ disk and loadlin, Your out
of luck... Thair's nothing you can do but boot... It migh be fun at the start,
but it'l get tiering after the 6'th reset :) If it's a ( as I suspect ) a root
disk, then you should boot that to make the partition. Or, actualy, lie int
the partition number and _Make_ it a e2fs (Or whatever)... the partitiontype is
nicity, but not neerly a nesesity... Or use UMSDOS as a root filesystem
(_YUCK!_). Most ( read: at least slackware, and _ANY_ 1/32 *DECENT* )
instalation root disks have a util, ( Try "fdisk" ) you can use to prep your
disk for the installation. To use this, read the doc's or, better yet, play it
by ear.

> root of the problem, since this is the problem i encountered when trying
> to install linux....

> DA> LILO will let you specify the root device when booting. If you
> DA>want the root device to be /dev/sdc2 for the kernel image called 'linux',
> DA>type 'linux root=/dev/sdc2'. LILO will then boot that kernel image with
> DA>the specified root partition.
> DA> DS
> DA>> There is one other solution, and maybe someone out there knows how I
> DA>> could do this... : Is there ANY way to mount a root file system from
> DA>> something other than the disk drive (CD maybe?), without access to the
> DA>> linux system? (I only have access to a few boot disks and loadlin (which
> DA>> is pretty nice))... I have read that new versions of redhat can do a
> DA>> floppy-less installation... is this true? and if so, how does it work?
> DA>> (i have only an old version of redhat, and vers 2.96 of slackware)

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