Kernel Oopsies w/ 2.0.7 (from HELL).

root (
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 18:35:56 -0400 (EDT)

Today while my S.O. was using Netscape 3.0b4, it croaked along with
apparantly an Oops or two. Following which no 'screen's or logins could
be created. I happened to be logged in from a remote system and I
experienced the same thing with the majority of commands I tried to use
(ps, top, w, rlogin, etc.). Each one would dump with "Segmnetation

The Oopsies all got dumped to the syslog and from the ones I saw they
were "General protection Faults" generated each time pretty much any
command was executed.

I proceeded to 'halt' which seemed to start but it didn't finish as I had
errors galore on the root device (/dev/sda) upon rebooting. I had to
manually go in and clean-up with e2fsck from another root device
afterwards. The result of that is that I lost all the kernel Oops'ies
that got logged. :-/

My system is a Pentium 120 w/ 64mb of RAM, two EIDE drives (DOS, /home)
and one SCSI-2 (/) using an AHA-2940UW. I've not had any problems with
any other kernels in the 2.0.x releases and its probably the first Oops
I've experienced since the pre1.99.x kernels.

I got the system back-up but I'm not sure how long it is going to stay
that way. It had been up for about a day and a half before these
problems started to occur.

I only wish I still had the Oops to show.