Re: Alternate solutions (Was: Re: NFS still has caching problem)

Matthew X Economou (
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 14:09:18 -0500

>>>>> "TK" == Thomas Koenig <> writes:

TK> This calls for immediate discussion (with apologies to Monty
TK> Python :-). Anybody willing to set up a mailing list?

What about DFS? Is anyone working on a free[1] version of DFS and/or
DCE? Are the specifications for either of these systems published?
We're using Transarc's AFS here (and our MIS people are planning on
moving to DCE in the near future[2]), and aside from not being able to
run development kernels ;) AFS is working out really well.

Somebody hurry up and make a mailing list... :)

[1] As in GNU copyleft free.

[2] About six months from now. Our head guru wants it now, but he
says that if he waits he can get it for free (educational discount or
beta testing or something).

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