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>>>>> "root" == root <> writes:

root> Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 18:01:50 -0400 (EDT) From: Aaron
root> Tiensivu <> Sender:
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root> Does anyone else think it is in bad taste to have the
root> kernel printing:

root> printk("ufs_read_super:
root> fucking Sun blows me\n"); ?

root> I think we could live without that one. :)

root> Not bad taste. Asinine!

For reading the java-linux mail list, I am aware of some rumors that
some Sun employees are of the opinion that Linux is a very insecure
operating system, and that it should not be taken seriously. They call
it a "Hacker's OS". I understand that this might be company pride, but
it supports them in their attitude toward Java-Linux developers: No
supported version of the JDK, unless we port it ourselves. Now that we
have it ported, they won't let us distribute the port on CD, due to
licensing agreements we all had to sign in order to get the source
code. That same agreement is also an NDA, which means that everyone
who participated in the Java-Linux porting program is now not legally
allowed to develop a competing system.

Now, all of this is hear-say, and my only source is what has been said
on the net. What we need to understand, however, is that we cannot
improve our relationship with Sun in particular, and other hardware
developers in general, if we employ error messages like the one above.

If we worked toward building a better relationship with Sun, we might
enjoy more benefits such as those we receive from Digital: Hardware,
and engineers willing to help us port Linux to their platform. The
only two things standing in the way of that is our current lamentable
relationship, and Solaris.

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