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Erik B. Andersen (
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 11:25:31 -0600

rgds wrote:
> Hi there,
> I recently upgraded from 1.2.13 to 2.0.0 , so of course when insmod
> goes to fire up /usr/lib/modules/iBCS I get the -
...stuff omitted...
> anyway I do my make... things start rolling, then wammo.
> ../include/ibcs/ibcs.h:32: warning: function declaration isn't a prototype
> emulate.c:240: redefinition of `kernel_version'
> /usr/include/linux/module.h:95: `kernel_version' previously defined here
> make[1]: *** [emulate.o] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/ibcs/iBCSemul'
> make: *** [all] Error 2
...more stuff omitted...

Are you using Debian? Debian includes a set of custom kernel headers
instead of using the symlinks suggested by the README file in the
top level of the kernel source. I would suggest reading this file,
probably located at /usr/src/kernel-source-2.0.0/README under Debian,
and replacing the custom kernel headers with symlinks to the actual
kernel include files. I have had no trouble with module compilation
after I adjusted this silliness in Debian 1.1.

Hope this helps.

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