Re: Couldn't allocate an sk_buff (2.0.4)

Cees de Groot (
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 23:43:34 +0200

In article <4sgj5q$> you write:
>> network I/O (ftp over local LAN). I really doubt I ran out of swap though.
>> Perhaps the system couldn't swap fast enough?
>Bang on. The kernel tries to keep a pool of pages free for allocation during
>an interrupt. It can't swap during an interrupt. A few like that are harmless,
>the machine just dropped about 10 packets from your trace. Those drops as
>part of the TCP protocol cause the other end to slow sending to what you can
>take without drops
But they are occuring very often ever since (I think) 1.3.xx. And I haven't
downgraded memory in the meantime :-). Could it be that the free pool is
kept too low and we need other default swapping parameters?

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