Re: Sound Blaster II - SCSI

george harold byrkit (
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 10:11:50 -0400

Zone Dancer wrote:
> This isnt realy the right group to ask but it was the best I could think of...
> I am trying to get the scsi to work on my Sound Blaster II. Basicly it gives 0
> hosts detected... Any help in E-MAIL would be great. Also if you could point
> me to a mail-list that would help me with this I would be greatful.
> Thanks
> Zone Dancer
> PS I am no longer subscribed to this list so please use e-mail.
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I have one of those cards (now on the shelf...) and as I recall you had
to provide a line like: ramdisk=aha152x, ...(otherstuff to specify IRQ,
etc), as documented in the SCSI HOWTO for that controller.

Hope this helps...
George Byrkit