Old style ramdisk

Robert de Bath (robert@mayday.compulink.co.uk)
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 21:35:31 +0100 (BST)

Dear *,
I _like_ the new style ramdisk driver, for normal machines it's much
better than the old one.

But, (There's always one!) I've also got this nice old 386, it's got a
little bit of 32bit ram and a lot more ram in ISA cards. With 1.2.13 I
can put the ISA card ram in as a ramdisk (with a tiny patch) and put a
swap file on there. Unfortunatly with 2.0.0 I can't do this 'cause the
ramdisk would be scattered through memory this means that the CPU is now
running programs from the slooow RAM, 2.0.0 ends up about 1/4 the speed
of 1.2.13 on an already very slow machine.

So, what I'm after is some way to tell Linux that it's a _really_ bad
idea to run code from that area; an old style ramdisk in a module would
do the trick but I can't find one anywhere, does anyone know of one,
so I can upgrade that machine to two too please ? :-)

Rob.                           (Robert de Bath <robert@mayday.compulink.co.uk>)