diff to fix ide.txt

Robert of the smileys (robert@zen.humbug.org.au)
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 15:25:25 +1000 (EST)

Below is a diff against 2.0.3 that fixes ide.txt so it contains the
correct parameters for the four ide channels. See my earlier mail for
more details.

--- ide.txt.old Mon Jul 8 15:12:44 1996
+++ ide.txt Mon Jul 8 15:21:45 1996
@@ -90,8 +90,8 @@

Primary: ide0, port 0x1f0; major=3; hda is minor=0; hdb is minor=64
Secondary: ide1, port 0x170; major=22; hdc is minor=0; hdd is minor=64
-Tertiary: ide2, port 0x???; major=33; hde is minor=0; hdf is minor=64
-Quaternary: ide3, port 0x???; major=34; hdg is minor=0; hdh is minor=64
+Tertiary: ide2, port 0x1e8; major=33; hde is minor=0; hdf is minor=64
+Quaternary: ide3, port 0x168; major=34; hdg is minor=0; hdh is minor=64

To access devices on the 2nd/3rd/4th interfaces, device entries must first be
created in /dev for them. To create such entries, simply run the included
@@ -107,11 +107,22 @@
Interfaces beyond the first two are not normally probed for, but may be
specified using kernel "command line" options. For example,

- ide3=0x1e8,0x3f0,11 /* ioports 0x1e8-0x1ef,0x3f0, irq 11 */
+ ide3=0x168,0x36e,10 /* ioports 0x1e8-0x1ef,0x3f0, irq 11 */

Normally the irq number need not be specified, as ide.c will probe for it:

- ide3=0x1e8,0x3f0 /* ioports 0x1e8-0x1ef,0x3f0 */
+ ide3=0x168,0x36e /* ioports 0x168-0x16f,0x36e */
+The standard port, and irq values are these:
+ ide0=0x1f0,0x3f6,14
+ ide1=0x170,0x376,15
+ ide2=0x1e8,0x3ee,11
+ ide3=0x168,0x36e,10
+In all probability the device uses these ports and irqs if it is attached
+to the appropriate ide channel. Pass the parameter for the correct ide
+channel to the kernel, as explained above.

Any number of interfaces may share a single IRQ if necessary, at a slight
performance penalty, whether on separate cards or a single VLB card.