Re: 2.0.0 + zip on VFAT

Alexandre Maret (
Sun, 07 Jul 1996 18:30:30 +0200

Robin Becker wrote:
> I don't know if this extends to 2.0.1-3, but when performing the
> operation zip -u /c:/arc/xxx somefiles...
> zip builds the intermediate and fails to create the final zip file
> saying that an operation is not permitted. I assume this is some
> standard unix API call which doesn't apply to VFAT FS, maybe hardlink or
> somesuch. Any ideas? I use zip for compatibility reasons.

It should be fairly easy to see which syscall returns oper not
permitted. Do "strace -o zip.log zip -u /c:/...". Then look at
the end of the zip.log file...

While we are discussing VFAT... can someone tell me the right
way to rename a file on a VFAT filesystem from "foo" to "Foo"
or "FoO" ??? It logically returns "file already exists" because
of VFAT's case insensitiveness...


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